PC crash in (massive) invoice printing

It seems to be the first time this happens, because I’ve found nothing on the net.

The need is to print a lot of invoices at the same time: so I select 300 invoices in the “posted sales invoices” page (page 143) and click “print” > “preview”.
It should use the “Sales - Invoice” report (report 206)… And this is the list of errors I get (translating messages from Italian, so the text will not be probably correct)…

A) <<Server “net.tcp://localhost:7046/DynamicsNAV/Service” is not available. Reconnect?>>
(then it sometimes reconnects, but we’re at the beginning again…)

B) (it cannot often reconnect): <>
(it doesn’t reconnect) <<It’s impossible to connect to the server. Retry?>>
(In this case the Navision service is blocked so I try to restart it, but I get another error): <<Attempt to restart the service “Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server>> … <<Impossible to stop the service “Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server” on the local computer. Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request within the expected time”
(after this I need to restart the pc to get the control again… And if it’s the customer’s pc… it’s not a nice thing at all…)

I got these errors even trying to print only 30 invoices… and even with the original report… and it does not depend on the type of printer…

thank you in advance


I worked on Nav 4.0 where my client had to post & print daily 1500-1800 Invoices and we had no Issues. Ofcourse, some times the Printer use to get Jam and Errors but not the kind of Errors you get…

Looks like you are having a problem with the net work connections!! is ur client doing a Remote access to Navision?? then ensure that the Connection is better.

Else, I don’t think its got anything to do with Nav Application as such… but wait for some our Technical Folks to reply you…



It happens also on the local instance of Navision on my pc