Pb with duplicated records

Hi, I have a little problem with duplicated records in the database. At the begining we didn’t use the option to check if a record was already in the database before insert it. So now we have for example 3 records for the same client. Sales had been made with this clients and now we would like to remove 2 of this 3 clients and group all his sales in the same client. For example: We have: CustAccount | Name | SalesId ---------------------------------------- 1 | client1 | sales1,sales2 2 | client1 | sales3 3 | client1 | And we would like: CustAccount | Name | SalesId ---------------------------------------- 1 | client1 | sales1,sales2,sales3 Is there any way to correct this problem? Thanks, Vince

Declare two table variables. In one select record ordered by CustAccount, and in other perform necessary updates (deleting of extra records, and updating of given field) .

In this case, I think you can declare a temp table to store the agregrated data and base on for format of report. BR, Khue Trinh