Pb while trying to run a second NAS service

Hi, I’m looking for some help about the NAS,

A NAS service is running perfectly on my NAVISION Server, I use a native database, the service is launched by an administrator profile (and has the SUPER role in Nav) … everything work fine. The problem is when I try to launch a second NAS service working on the same Nav server, for a different company (same user, same treatment …) the following error message is raised :

Your program license does not permit more users to work simultaneously.

Wait until another user has quit the program.

Contact your system manager if you want to allow more simultaneous users on your system.

I don’t understand why I get this message while my current licence contains the line :

1,415 Application server - each instance 2

The user has also 4 allowed sessions on the database … I tried with another user account, correctly parametred as well, but I still got the same message.

The treatments performed by those Nas services are really important for us, that’s why I’m begging your help :’)

Thank you by advance

(and sorry for my very poor English :p)

How have you installed the second NAS?

Have you created a new directory for for the second NAS with all the relevant files (the NAS executables and dll’s)?

Also, I tend to install NAS’s using the command promptas opposed to using the MMC snapiin. I have always found the MMC NAS console to be a pain…

Hav you copied that licence into all client directories?

Hi Simon, thank you for your answer,

I have installed the second NAS Service through the command prompt with the nas.exe :

nas appservername=ScdServiceName,installasservice

all the parameters were set through regedit, they are the same than the parameters for the first Nas service excepted the company parameter of course.

My first service was installed the same way. Do you mean that I need to install all the Nas application a second time to be able to launch a second nas ? It seems very strange to me …

@jsrark : thank you too for your answer, the licence I mentionned is the one used by the Nav Server on which my Nas Services are running. Do you mean I must install a licence for the Nas ? I thought Nas was using the licence brought by the nav server … I will search in this way

I keep on searching thank you both for your help

I think Paul is saying you need a second set of executables.

I’ve just done this and it works fine. See my other post about installing from the command prompt. I will go get the http address and paste it here

NAS Parameters from Cmd Line