PayrollTaxEngineUti class Compilation error


I’ m facing errors while compiling the PayrollTaxEngineUti class:

Description Path Line Method/Property name Diagnostic ID
Syntax error. \Classes\PayrollTaxEngineUtil\checkInTaxEngine 7 checkInTaxEngine Err:9999
Syntax error. \Classes\PayrollTaxEngineUtil\checkOutTaxEngine 7 checkOutTaxEngine Err:9999
Variable Symmetry has not been declared. \Classes\PayrollTaxEngineUtil\getGNISLocations 40 getGNISLocations Err:9
Variable Symmetry has not been declared. \Classes\PayrollTaxEngineUtil\getMunicipalities 39 getMunicipalities Err:9
Syntax error. \Classes\PayrollTaxEngineUtil\getPoliticalSubDivision 31 getPoliticalSubDivision Err:9999
Syntax error. \Classes\PayrollTaxEngineUtil\getPoliticalSubDivisionByTaxCode 20 getPoliticalSubDivisionByTaxCode Err:9999
Variable Symmetry has not been declared. \Classes\PayrollTaxEngineUtil\getSchoolDistricts 41 getSchoolDistricts Err:9
Variable Symmetry has not been declared. \Classes\PayrollTaxEngineUtil\getTaxEngineLocationCodeList 38 getTaxEngineLocationCodeList Err:9
Syntax error. \Classes\PayrollTaxEngineUtil\getTaxEngineVersion 10 getTaxEngineVersion Err:9999
Syntax error. \Classes\PayrollTaxEngineUtil\getTaxTableVersion 10 getTaxTableVersion Err:9999
Syntax error. \Classes\PayrollTaxEngineUtil\money2Real 11 money2Real Err:9999
Syntax error. \Classes\PayrollTaxEngineUtil\real2Hours 11 real2Hours Err:9999
Syntax error. \Classes\PayrollTaxEngineUtil\real2Money 11 real2Money Err:9999
Syntax error. \Classes\PayrollTaxEngineUtil\real2Rate 11 real2Rate Err:9999
Syntax error. \Classes\PayrollTaxEngineUtil\taxCalculation2TaxCode 11 taxCalculation2TaxCode Err:9999

I tried the following solution, but its not working for me…

In the AOT → References node right click and add a new reference.
click on browse and select the ste-net.dll and press ok.
Compile the classes.

Any suggestion please…

Hi All,

Can anyone have a solution for this??

I’m struck for more than a week for this issue.

any help would be appreciated.




Hope by this time, u got solution to this error.

I am getting two errors in compilation :

\class\payrollTaxEngineUtil\CheckInTaxEngine - Line9 - Col 39 - Syntax error

\class\payrollTaxEngineUtil\CheckOutTaxEngine - Line10 - Col 39 - Syntax error

Can u share with me how you fixed this.

I am also getting same error while compiling in AX 2012 r3.


Any Solution as of now… i tried so many blog still not resolved

Hi Sathish,

Did you got resolution of this error?
I am also facing same error in CU12 upgrade.

Thanks & Regards.
Ankit Patel. (Ahmedabad)

Are you still facing the issue? The DLL ste-net.dll should be present in both client & server folders. If not add it to both the folders & add the reference in AOT again. If it still doesn’t work, check the version of the DLL. You might be facing this issue if the version of the DLL is wrong. It can occur if the file doesn’t get updated properly during upgrade process.

Check out this link:

As Krupa suggested either it could be a missing reference of the Ste-net.DLL in AOT,


I would rather suggest to check and execute the Payroll tax data version first under Human resources shared Parameters as demonstrated in the below screen. It probably was not updated and most of time people forget this step. Executing it should set the appropriate versions in the form accordingly. Thereafter try recompiling.