Payroll Upgrade

Hello all, We are testing an upgrade from Navision 3.10 to 3.6 and are having issues with upgrading payroll. We imported HRP360.2.fob and then ran codeunit 87200 (the ePayroll and HR Upgrade Toolkit) where we created pay cycles. We indicated our Method Step and Tax Form Class Import files (these are text files from dataports that we created in Navision), we indicated our message file, then converted. The message that automatically appears is: “The text is too long. The text in code fields can have a maximum of 10 characters.” Has anyone come across this issue in upgrading payroll before? If anyone has any suggestions on what to do, I would be more than happy to hear them. Thanks!

Let the debugger run and find the fied which causes the message. Open table in designer and change the fieldlength

I think we found the culprit. Turns out there is a Method Step.txt and Tax Form Class.txt included with the Navision 3.60 upgrade tool, so our files that were from dataports of course wouldn’t work. Posting this just in case anyone else has this problem…

Yet another issue we’ve encountered…again with running codeunit 87200. It has been running for 4.5 hours. We are running SQL Server 2000. Just to give an idea of table sizes - the Ledger Entry Dimension table has 99542 records, the Payroll Ledger Entry table has 44383 records. The codeunit runs through the file conversion fairly fast until it gets to 76% when it slows down considerably. It is on the Ledger Entry Dimension table at this point. It’s probably not in an infinite loop, since the percentage increments every so often. We’re not sure that it’s a SQL issue, since we recently upgraded another client’s database to 3.6 who had many more records. We’re thinking it might be the Ledger Entry Dimension table, since the previous client didn’t have any records in that table. We have four companies within this database and are concerned about time issues. I may take a crack at running the next company through the debugger…but before I try that, has anyone experienced this? Thanks in advance!

Not exactly in the Payroll module /because it is different in every country [:D]/, but what I’ve found is that when you’re doing upgrade on the SQL server it is a good idea to “turn off” the keys of the Ledger Tables /e.g. just “disable” them in the Object Designer, but DO NOT forget writing a complete list of the keys status BEFORE disabling so you are able to restore their status after the upgrade procedure pass/. In your case you can disable the keys in the Payroll Ledger Table. Dimension Ledger Entry has only one primary key /if it is not modified/ so you cant realy disable it, but it is not necessary either. It has only 4 fields and the recs are fairly small in size. I’ve used this approach very successfuly with the some 500000 recs Item Ledger Entry table. It was running for 4 hours when I cancelled it [:D], disabled the keys and it was all done in 1 hour. Just a suggestion, though.

Good idea…it’s worth a shot! Thanks Nikola!

Yep, another that comes to mind /after reading a post here, just a few minutes ago/ is to check which Service Pack version /of the SQL Server/ you have installed last. It should be SP3 /10x for the reminding Elena [:)]/. This is something that we regularly repeat at our clients. Everytime a Service Pack is out please install it, it actually DOES something. And they regularly forget to do this :slight_smile:

Actually, I think we discovered what the problem was. The Object Cache was at 10,000 KB, and we increased it to 128,000 KB. This sped up the process considerably! Thanks to everyone for their input!

You are talking about the object cache on the client side, right…


You are talking about the object cache on the client side, right…