PayRoll Module.

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I want to develop a payroll module in demo database. How to start?? Please help me.

Why not look for Addon available in Navision ???

Hi Amol,

Thanq for ur quick reply.

Actually i don’t know where that add-on will be available in Cronus database??

Add-on basically design by ISV and it is not directly available on Cronus unless you buy it.

Look at the following link


I am just want to complete functionality.Is it possible to develop complete module by our self?? what kind of experience we should have to develop it ??? I am thinking to develop it it in demo database but i need some guidance n support.I am Very thankful if u provide that support for me.


For development of module you need to have

  1. Understanding of Functionality

  2. Understanding of How Navision works and how you can build Add on using Navision

  3. Technical Development experience in Navision

  4. Need to have Developer License.

Thank you amol ,

One of my senior colleague has developed that module. so once i ll go through with it and try to understand the functionality.

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