PaymMoneyTransferSlip::construct has been used incorrectly

Hi All,

I am getting this error message ?

Function PaymMoneyTransferSlip::construct has been used incorrectly.

An error occurred during update ??

how to find this also?? how to debug this issue.

throw error(strfmt("@SYS19306",funcname()));

How to find where this "@SYS19306 is used. ??

If you have the cross references updated, you can find it by using label editor - ‘Used by’.

The message clearly says that some code uses PaymMoneyTransferSlip::construct() in an invalid way. You can put breakpoint there, re-run the logic and see what’s going on, what’s the call stack etc.

Please not that “An error occurred during update” is useless information for us, unless you tell us what kind of update you mean.

But this is a general error of such kind and will be used at many places.

The error is thrown from the PaymMoneyTransferSlip::construct method. The paymentStub type passed to this construct is not correct.

You can debug and see what is wrong here.