PaymentAmountCur in BankChequePaymTrans updated wrongly


I have an issue here. It is noticed that in the Payment Advice the last column Amount currency(PaymentAmountCur) have some invoices with amount display incorrectly as compared to InvoiceAmountCur. Somehow the Total Amount in payment advice is correct as it is get from the Payment Journal after settlement. By right, fully settled payment should have same value for InvoiceAmountCur and PaymentAmountCur unless it is partially settled.

But after checking, the invoice with incorrect Payment Currency is fully settled. This happened to certain invoices whereas some have no problems. Have try to simulate the scenario but doesn’t find anything that cause this problem.

This happened to AX3.0 SP6. Does anyone have any idea why? How can I solve this problem?

Thank you

We are having the same issue, did you ever get a resolution on this?