Payment tolerance/Rounding

on a 4.0 sp1 W1 version we have the payment tolerance activated.

ACY have 5 decimal places on unit amount rounding precision and on amount rounding precision.

when a payment tolerance take place when applying LCY payment to ACY invoice (s) only 2 decimals are considered, and vendor ledger entries remain open with ex: 0.003 as remaining amount.

i changed the rounding parameters for the LCY the same way, but still having these remainings.

application rouding precision is set to 5 decimals too.

any suggestions?


So what do you have set in the GL to define the payment tolerance? % or value? All currencies?

Is the ACY just an additional currency or are you referring to a reporting currency?

both % and value

ACY the additional reporting currency which is a currency created in the system, and have tolerance % and value.

So the payment tolerance is set to the ACY in the setup?

Was the payment to the invoice that created the difference in teh same currency and this is a pure ACY difference rather than a ledger difference?

Navision is using amount rounding precision for payment tolerance of G/L Setup or Currency amount rounding precision.
I don’t use often payment tolerance. Have you checked if this problem persists in other versions such as 4.0 SP3.

I’ve seen this problem before. When testing, and the payment tolerance warning appears, be sure to CLICK okay, and not simple close the warning.