payment tolerance debit/credit account

Dear All,
I can’t find from where I can post payment tolerance of sales and purchase.
I have set the accounts for both and fill in the general posting group (sales/
purchase Pmt. Tol. Debit/Credit Acc.) including in vendor and customer
posting group (payment tolerance debit/credit acc.). I check customer card
and there are Pmt. Disc. Tolerance and Pmt. Tolerance (LCY for both) but
not for use to fill, it is lookup to detailed cust./vend. ledger entries.
Tks in advance



What version of Navision are you using?

The Pmnt. Disc. Tolerance and Pmnt. Tolerance (LCY) are both flowfields sum from Detailed Customer Ledger Entry.

The Value Entry has types:

for Pmnt. Tolerance (LCY):

Payment Tolerance|‘Payment Tolerance (VAT Adjustment)’|‘Payment Tolerance (VAT Excl.)’

for Pmnt. Disc. Tolerance

Payment Discount Tolerance|‘Payment Discount Tolerance (VAT Adjustment)’|‘Payment Discount Tolerance (VAT Excl.)’

hope this helps explain where to look,



Are you actually posting a cash receipt (or payment) where payment tolerance applies?

Hi Steven, All,

You are right if it is possible and available in the journal of payment or cash receipt as you have answered but I can’t find them (the payment tolerances). So how I know it can be used meanwhile in the general posting setup, they are available and it means can be used somewhere I still don’t know where. tks…



Try the payment terms, the discount date and terms, so if the payment is made early the settlement discount is applied.

Have you set up the Payment Tolerence in the G/L Setup?

Go to Application tab and set up there, then Functions/Change Payment Tolerence.

When making cash receipt entries, the system will accept a clearance for small differences, such as when the Invoice is 100.01 and the customer pays 100.00

If you make the entry, and ticked Payment Tolerence Warning in the G/L Setup, you get the opportunity to leave the balance or clear it.

Dear Steven,
I have understood now about your answer. It means that tolerance calculated by the system
and if we actified it in setup, then we can let the system calculated otomatically.
That’s what I know now. if yes, I think the topic is closed and I’ve got the answer.


Dear Old Friend,

I have checked and set it up there. It works now and I am more clear udnerstanding it.

tku for your quick answer