Payment to Vendor of Different Branch

Dear All,

Kindly Suggest how to book below entry for Bank Payment in Navision

Dr. Cr.

Vendor A(FIN-01) 5000

Vendor A(FIN-01) 2000

TDS on Contractor(FIN-01) 100

Bank A (FIN-01) 3000

BANK B(FIN-02) 3900

“FIN” is the Financial Location defined as a Global Dimension 1

Please Suggest how to perform this Entry in Navision

Thanx in Advance


IF the payment is same vendor but from different bank the sepearate both the entries and pass bank payment voucher and attached the dimension as per your requirement.

TDS calculation will take place after creation of NOD lines for that vendor from TDS setup

Dear Amol,

The Solution that you have provided is working fine when only Vendor and bank is involved. Kindly suggest how we will map the below Scenario:-

Hi Preeti,

Why there are two different dimensions for Vendor and Bank?

For above your entry TDS will calculated as per setup and for Work Tax you have enabled some fields on voucher and calculate the WCT… If not create one account in COA and select the account during the entry.

Hello Amol,

Actually this is the Case of 2 Factory in Single Location so i have created FIN-02 Dimension for Factory Unit 1 and FIN-22 For Factory Unit II, So i want to do Payment to FIN-22 Vendor from FIN-02 Unit.

Thats why i am passing the entry mentioned but unable to do so.

Kindly suggest some solution for the same.

This will affect your factorywise Trial balance,PL

This means it will show invoice in one factory and payment in other factory

You need to have interbranch account for doing the same

It Means i have to pass a Contra between 2 Bank and then i have to perform Payment Entry.

Actually i have single vendor for both Factory if have to map the process as per the accounting entry circulated then kindly suggest how to proceed.

Yes you need to do that …

Is there some other way apart from Passing Contra through which this process can be mapped.


You have to maintain one account as interbranch at both side i.e. receiving and paying and from that account you can make payment and receipt in case of diiferent factory dimenaion in one transaction

This will gives u clear balance sheet and PL