Payment Term Filed Display On Purchase Order Print

Dear Developers !

I have need a help regarding purchase order printout. please help me anybody for add one field on printout “Payment Term”.

so please help me soon.

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Can you let us know, what is that stopping you to add the field to the report?

Hi Afraz, welcome to Dynamics User Group.

Please explain what kind of help do you need from us. For example, whether you don’t know how to add any field, you have some problem specifically with payment terms, or what. Also always tell us which version of AX and which reporting framework you’re talking about - the solution won’t be the same in a MorphX report and in an SSRS report.

Thanks a lot for reply Martin !

I have used dynamics AX 2012 R2, problem is that i need customize our PO printout.

my need is modify purchase order header information and add one field is Payment Term. so i have modify one table vendpurchorderjour and add one field name is “paymentterm” is extend data type is “PaymentTermID” and store data in this field succussfully.

please help me how to show this data on PO print out header information.

thanks for reply soon.

All right, I added some tags, such as “AX 2012”, to your question.

But you still didn’t explain your problem. Are you asking for basics of report development in AX 2012, or do you have any particular problem with this report and field?


particular problem for this specific report simple is that i need one additional filed add on header area of Purchase Order Printout how it is possible ?


That’s just a requirement; it doesn’t explain what problem you have with it.

Despite of what you said, I assume that you’re problem isn’t specific the the purchase order report nor the payment terms field; the problem is that you don’t know how to work with SSRS reports in general (being the purchase order report or any other) and you would like us to explain you how to do basic development tasks such as adding a field.

Am I right? If so, why didn’t we get any such description from you? If not, I ask you for the fourth time to explain the problem.

Martin !

your are right but one thing mentioned to u i have modify purchase order with in AOT and open report project in VS2012


First add the field to the data source. It’s typically either a query or a report data provider class. Look into documentation if you have questions, such as How to: Find the Data Source For a Report.

Then open the report, refresh the data source and drag the field to an appropriate place (or do anything else you want to do with the field).

Feel free to ask if you get stuck, but don’t expect it won’t require any effort from your side.

Martin Thanks for your instant reply

i have already add a field in purchPurchaseOrderDP data source and its also available this field on report but

report run time data not show on report. i hope u understand


Sorry, but it’s impossible to say what you’ve done wrong without more information from you. First of all, check whether the field isn’t show at all or it’s displayed, but without any value. You can’t expect that asking in a forum can replace debugging.