payment schedule & Billing


If payment schedule and actual billing to customer is different, how to handle the situation.

For ex:

Here is the payment plan:

40% - On advance - 4000

40% - On Dispatch - 4000

20% - Final payment - 2000

But the Billing done through sales order will be like this: (incl tax)

Item A - 2500

Item B - 4500

Item C - 3000

How this can be handled in AX 2009? Plz help me on this…



You should use the project module to achieve this. Your items should be entered as project item requirements and your billing should be done throug on account transactions on the project.

Hi Pawan

I have exactly the same requirement on purchasing. Did you find a solution you can share ???



Not sure if I got your question right.

If you attach a payment schedule to your sales order with a total value of 10000$, 40% or 4000$ will become due on the day you specify through the payment schedule, the other 40% will become due at the second date specified through the payment schedule and so on. So, actually AX2009 can actually handle the situation.

You might also want to take a look at the project module billing features.

Hope it helps.