payment problem

We are facing the problem in making the payment to transporter. Pls find follow our procedure below:

  1. We receive the GR from the transporter agst material dispatch.

  2. We pay advance assume Rs. 20000/-

  3. We book freight assume 50000/-

  4. We pay balance after received POD.

Pls let me know how we check what is exact payable.

What exactly your required ?

Do you require Accounting entry for this?

By looking at above value you have to pay 30000/- to Transporter.


we how could I check what exact we have pay to him

Have your prepared Invoice for Freight and mateiral recevied?

Have your apply Advance against that Invoice ?

Once you have done above then on vendor card itself you will come to know balance payable to Vendor

Let me know if anything required