Payment og goods before receiving and invoicing them.

Hi guys!

I am pretty new in this kind of processing: dealing with import/export goods where payment are done even before receiving and invoicing. So I hope you’re understand if I have some questions that may seem obviouys for you.

My Company is a distribution company . They buy soks from different suppliers and send them to customers such as Zellers. We want to use WMS fucntionality with Lanham Add On ( ADCS)

Actual processes: The order is placed at supplier overseas. After few days, when the order is ready to shipped from the boat, they sent us all papers ( BOL, Coomercial invoice,etc… ) so the order must be paid.

Few days or weeks later , goods are physically received at the warehouse.

so my questions: :

  1. How can I do the payment?

  2. How can I How can I manage my order to make sure that the payment is done and I am still able to receive and invoice against the correct order?

  3. How can I manage my receiving?

Cln: Payment of suppliers is done before actual Receiving and Invoicing have been done. No quality control check has been done at this time. However, quality control will be dona as boxes will be opened to see whow many quantities are inside?

Any help or ideas will be appreciated for this kind of situation.


What version are you on? If you’re on 5.0 you might take a look at pre-payments.

Thanks babrown. Yes I am using Nav5. So when using prepayement , how this should be setup or process? I never used that functionality.Thanks

I haven’t used it much myself either. Search the Navision 5.0 help for “prepayment” and you will find lots of information to get you started. If you run into issues post more questions here.

Hi babrown . I tried different scenarios and it worked well. Thank you very much.[:)]

Hi !

  • Let say I have a PO with 100 units

  • The packing slip told me that 150 units was sent ( I still didnt receive it) but I need to pay my supplier base on what he told me ( amount 10000$ for 150 units)

  • I need to pay that amount and sent that packing slip to warehouse guys so that they know what quantities they are supposed to receive base on what the suplietr told me.

  • Later I receive physically 120 units instead of those 150 units and instead of 100 units that I originaly order.


  • How can I handle that into Navision . I am still need to validate the reel quantity ( 120 units) , still need to account for those 150 units and related amount 10000$ .

Thanks for suggestions as I do not know how to handle that part with prepayments.