Payment of checks.

Hi all, I have a customer who want to pay his vendor by doing partial payments with one check. Facts: - Invoice 1 — 1000$ - Invoice 2 — 1200$ - Invoice 3 — 1500$ He wants to pay: - On Invoice 1 – The whole amount - On Invoice 2 – 800$ - On Invoice 3 – Nothing. How can I have one check with using ’ apply entries '? Thanks RF.

Rosine, Not too hard to do this… Simply begin as “normal” by selecting “Payments/Suggest Vendor Payments” in the payment journal. Assume that all three invoices show up as you illustrated. On the Invoice 1 line, make no changes. On the Invoice 2 line, change the amount to $800. On the Invoice 3 line, press the F4 key to delete the line. You will get a check for proper amount.

Hello RF, Also, on the options tab, do not summarize by vendor. This will bring in all the invoices that are open for the selected vendor as individual line items. If you do not check ‘New Doc. No. per line’, all items for one vendor appear with one document number. Then when you go to print the cheque, and select the option to have ‘One check per vendor per doc. no.’, all the amounts are summed in one cheque and the remittance details show the invoices paid and the amounts on each invoice. When you suggest vendor payments, the product applies all the amounts to the appropriate invoice. When you change the amount, you automatically change the amount applied to the invoice.

Hello Grace, It looks like something doesnt work. I still have several cheques instead of just one even if I checked ‘one cheque per vendor per doc no’. I used different document no, no difference. Any help?? Thanks RF

Hi, Now everything looks good.In fact one of my setting was not correct. I have one more question: I want to do the same thing but by using the ‘apply entries’ function in the payment journal —> I’m still have an error message: 'In the cheque report, a cheque by supplier and document No must not be activated when ‘ID reference’is specified in the journal lines’ So I cant print and have one cheque. any clue??

Hi Rosine Can you check the open itemledger entries and look where the Applies-to field is not blank, and manually remove these. From memory the grouping of supplier invoices into one payment and one cheque number does not like erroneous applies to entries filled when generating this report. There was from mremory another issue, but I am not in the office at the moment, so if this doesn’t resolve it let me know and I will have a rethink. Steve

Hi Rosine Kind of remembered the other issue, I think if you have the vendor priority flag ticked but no value specified as the amount to pay it also doesn’t like this, uncheck the vendor priority flag. Steve