Payment Management System

Hello there!

I have a question for all those working with Payment Management System in Navision.

I’m trying to setup the Payment Management System for customers/vendors check in exact the same way they describe it in Payment Management System End-user Manual. Still … there might be something I’m doing wrong cause whenever I have a step involving Posting - Action Type Ledger - I get an error:

"The transaction cannot be completed it will cause inconsistencies in G/L Entry table.

Check where and how the CONSISTENT function is used in the transaction to find the reason for this error…etc"

I tried to work with the debugger but it did not work. I couldn’t find the reason of the error.

Help pls :slight_smile:

Grazie mille

You get this error because the g/l entries that are supposed to be posted do not balance. This usually happens because of a bug in the code, or the GenJnlPost Line codeunit is being cleared before it should.

When integrating, the easiest way to avoid this sort of thing is to specify a balancing account on each line, if possible.

Even then it can happen! The error message appears if the G/L-entries would become inconsistent. That can happen if you put in balance accounts.

Normally it should not happen (I have never ever seen this error message in the text-based version). But as many many more modules (US-sales tx, WHT etc.) were integrated, I have seen it more often. Maria, which modules are you actually using? Which (country-) specific version?

Can you please “navigate” the document number you want to “pay” and tell us all the entries you see.

At least for Portuguese localization I had many times that error message. Microsoft frequently already has a hotfix for that kind of message.
Search in Partnersource for word CONSISTENT in your country version.

Taxes can be a problem in this area. Tax totals will post to the vendor ledger and tax calculated at the detail line level will be posted to the expense accounts. Rounding errors can cause the CONSISTENT error.

Codeunit 12 is where that function is used so it takes a while to get there and it is triggered only after all of the transactions have been posted - only then will you know if the total transaction is out of balance.

Thank you all for the interest you showed into this topic!

Now Walter, to answer your questions: I am using Payment Management System for NAV RO. 4.0.

It is part of the romanian localization!

Related to your last question, I have two documents (at least) involved here: the customer check document and the invoice document I want to pay with that check. I am in the phase were I only want to register it on my customer’s account and chashing the check through the bank will come later on. First I created the Payment “card” in the Payment Slip Journal and now I’m trying to register on the customer’s account.

If I navigate on the invoice document I only see the classical entries : Customer account = %

Incomes Collected Value Added Tax

Should I bee looking for something else?

Is this the information you needed?

Hope it is,

Thank you very much


Well, very hard to say why you actually get the inconsistency message without having a closer look into the G/L and VAT entries.

Can you reproduce the error on the Cronus company (demo database)? Make sure you post the same amounts in Cronus as you posted in your system. And you have the same VAT and G/L setup (rounding) in Cronus. If you can reproduce that error on Cronus, Microsoft is going to provide a HotFix for that. I know, that does not help you now.

If you cannot reproduce the error on Cronus we certainly need at least the G/L and VAT entries of your posted invoice.

Did you have a modified system? Does smebody changed the posting codeunits (well, maybe you cannot answer this question)? You have a special TAX system in the RO version (like WHT)? Which ServicePack for NAV RO 4.0 is installed?

I also got same eror “Incosistency in G/L Entry” when i try to post payment for invoice that have wht and i didn’t tick Skip WHT in Cronus demo database.

But if i tick the skip wht in payment journal, that i post payment for invoice that have wht , navision can post the payment.

What is the caused of error? is it because of the invoice have WHT?

So i want to know what will happen if i post the invoice with WHT and i don’t tick the Skip WHT?

  1. Navision will automatically reduce the total amount to be paid with wht?

  2. If i make partial payment for the invoice, when navision will reduce the paid amount with WHT amount?