Payment Journals Error

Hi - I’m a new end user working on setting up a new install…I have a company that will not open the Payment Journal in Purchase & Payments…I get an error: There is no Currency Exchange Rate within the Filter Anyone have any idea???

this might be a silly question but is your g/l setup completed already & now your moving on to the purch & payables setup?

I think it is…I’m not sure what wouldn’t be set up in it yet… Here’s another question, while I was trying to fix the first problem, I realized that posting an invoice is causing both the posting and the payment! Now what did I mess up??

Answer to my second question…I put a default Payment Method Code on the vendor card - that causes the payment to print automatically.

Why don’t you have your Navision software provider do the setups for you? They can seem tricky & complex to a person unfamilar with what needs to be done.

They are helping - but due to the holiday they are on vacation and I was trying not to bother them…I’m on a tight budget for consulting. Thought someone here might have a quick answer or know a place to find it

Hi I agree with HR - first check the GL setup, and then you should verify your currency settings. It maybe that no LCY Code is set in the GL setup, but the error message does not really describe this. Perhaps no exchange rates are set on currency combinations? It s somewhere in the set-up files though, you will need to verify them logically - I presume your license allows currency?

The LCY CODE should be ‘USD’ for you. you can also check out the setups on the CRONUS test database to help you move along. But do G/L first. Good Luck.

Thanks for the suggesstions - I had a currency code selected in my Bank Cards - and we only deal in USD. Problem solved…thanks!