payment Journal - Payment status field problem

Hi All ,

Customer Payment Journal form, and then click the General tab.In the Approval area, selected the Active check box and selected approve list , but when the document is approved / rejected the payment status field is not changing status like approved / rejected ,it is always showing None , until and unless if the select the option from payment status function.

What would be problem ?

Any help from pioneers ?

Payment status field doesn’t have any link with the approvals…it show the check status usually. initially the status will be none…and when u generate a check by going to Functions>Generate payments then your payment status will changes to “Sent”

these statuses are related to Check status like check sent , check received , check rejected and check reuse etc should be selected by the ennd user.only check sent will be automatically changed when check generated.

Thanks Santosh & Anthony for your support. [:D]