Payment Journal - External Document Number

I am using 2.50 Canadian. How can I get the Payment Journal to show external document number when I run Suggest Payments? The journal shows only the Navision Posted Purchase Invoice number, although when I do a drill down on an item, the External Document Number certainly appears in the “Apply Vendor Entries” window. When I use designer to add “External Document Number” nothing comes forward, which leads me to believe it is referencing an external number for the Balancing Account (Bank) entry. If I manually add a line in the middle, again the Ext Doc Number is clearly on the Apply Vendor Entries window, but it will not come forward to the Payment Journal. My client wants to be able to cross reference to the Vendor invoice number, without having to drill down on every line item. Seems a reasonable request to me. Any help would be most appreciated. Jim

That should be fairly simple. We just did this for a customer this week. In the Suggest Vendor Entries report, add the following statement in the MakeGenJnlines section: External Document No." := VendLedgEntry.“External Document No.”; We placed the code at the end of the section between the “Applies-to Doc. No.” := VendLedgEntry.“Document No.”; and the END statement Hope this helps! Diana Diana Burton Beck Consulting, Inc.

Diana - Worked like a charm. Thanks so much. Jim