Payment Generated when Invoicing

I have a strange situation here where on 1 Customer only, if an order is Invoiced a Payment for the invoice amount is automatically generated. I copied the Customer definitioned and put it into a Test environment and raised an order and shipped and Invoiced it and no payment was generated. Is there something different in Version 4.0 that would allow the automatic generation of a payment when posting the invoice. Thanks…Paul

Hi Paul It has always been around [:D] Look at the Payment Method Code associated with the customer, if it has a balancing account specified Navision will generate the payment along with the invoice.

Hi Steve, you are right and I was aware of the balance on Payment Method Codes but this Customer doesnt have one specified however they used to and am wondering if; although it has been removed, the Customer card still thinks it is present. I will zoom in on the table and have a look. From one So’ton person to another Thanks for the help.

Hi Paul No problem. On another slight difference if you put on a new order and process it does it do it then? Just wondering if it was an old order prior to the payment method change. Have fun! Steve

Hi Steve, good thinking but these are new orders. I zoomed in on the Customer Card and the Payment Method was blank. It obviously thinks its still there so what I have done is removed the balancing Bank Account from the Payment Method as it is nolonger used. Have informed the accounts people and will wait and see what it does next time.

Hi Paul My suggestion after this then is that there is a modification hiding somewhere!! Oh well lets see how they get on with your change.

Hi Steve, could be but have checked Table 18 and no mods, checked CU80 and no mods and checked GL Journal table and no mods so I’m not sure. Can you suggest any other places that I should look to see if theres an undocumented mod that might cause this [?]

No other obvious ones to me but then I am a humble consultant and not a developer! Table 289 perhaps?

Hi Steve, no joy there. I like you are but a humble Consultant who since changing companies has been thrown into the deep end of developement and look to the experts out in the community for assistance. Thanks for all your help but I think I will wait and see what happens the next time they post an invoice to this Customer. [:D]

Hi Paul Having been there my fingers are crossed for you. [:D]

What about balancing account directly on the sales order. Create an order for the ustomer, and see if that field is being poplated directly.

I’m guessing the Bill-to Customer No. in that Customer Card is filled in. That will cause any orders raised against him to be billed to the other customer and, of course, all payment details will be taken from the Bill-to Customer Card. And it must be this Customer who is using the Payment Method with a Bal. Account. On a completely standard database, I remember no other explanation.

HI David and Nelson, firstly I have checked the Customer card and there is nothing in the Bill-to Customer field and secondly, I raised a sales order against this client and zoomed in on the header and the balancing account is not filled in nor is the Payment Method. Having said that I have done two changes which I thought would resolve the problem. First as noted previously I removed the balancing Account from the Payment Method Card and I have also changed the Customer Card Payment Method by selecting a Payment Method of a blank line. My reason for doing that was that maybe the user had used the back space key to remove the Payment Method of CHEQUE instead of pressing the up arrow and selecting a blank line. Anyway the upshot is that theSales Order for this client nolonger has a balancing account and will nolonger create a payment on invoice. Thank you both for your assistance in this one…Paul

Thanks for the feed back Paul. Its always good to hear that something is fixed.