Payment fee in AR and AP

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We have one option of payment Fee in the AR and AP modules, can you explain me with some example what is this function. I got this function but little confusion.

I have one scenario, like customer send the payment , say 2000, but its cheque got bounce and now we are charging him some amount,say 500, can we use thid through the Payment fee or how can we do this entry in the AX.

please advise


Hi Imran,

This feature allows you posting payment (banking) fees automatically at the time you record the payment.

I have not used this feature in a single customer installation as all accountants I know prefer to post those fees manually in a GL journal.

In regards to your scenario, I believe that the payment fee functionality is not quite the right thing to use.

I would invoice the customer the 500 $ through a free text invoice.

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payment banking i dont under stand, can u explain me with example as it will be easy to understand

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any Comments???


what Ludwing says is Payment fee functionality will be used to book bank chages automatically.

May I know how does the configuration works?

I had tried by setting up for Payment Fee Linking to Methods of Payment.

When comes to Payment Journal, I go to Fees Tab, and Select my Fee ID however it does not populate the amount. Does it only work on EFT or other payment methods as well?

Thanks for the prompt reply.