Payment Discounts and Freight

We have a dilemma … and I was wondering if this is a business problem for anyone else and how they have solved it. We offer several variations of payment terms discounts (2% discount if paid within 30 days; 5% within 60 days; etc.) On most of the invoices we send our customers, we prepay the freight and expect them to reimburse us dollar-for-dollar. So, we set up a freight resource, and add a line item to the sales order: Type=Resource, Qty=1, Unit Price=. The problem is that when we go and apply the payment to this discounted invoices, Navision wants to discount the Items AND the Freight. We don’t want to give a discount on freight … just the items. Is there a way to selective exclude line items from being a part of the eligible payment discount? I have not found a way. We could of course create a separate invoice for the freight and not include a payment term, but this is not convenient for our clerks or for the customer. -g

I think you would need to mod the whole area of payment discount and the calculation, as essentially it is applied to the whole invoice as standard.