Payment Discount on Freight

Hello All: Has anyone modified Navision so that any Freight charges, to a Customer on Sales Invoices, are EXCLUDED from the Payment Discount calculation that appears on the Customer Ledger Entry?

In our “Item Prices” (I know we had mod’s so I don’t know if it appears on all versions) we created an item# 9999 for freight for example. set all the posting groups n’ such to hit the proper freight g/l accounts. Then in the 9999 item card we go th the “Item Prices” table there is a check box called “Allow Invoice Discount”. We have that box unchecked and the discount for the customer or order does not change affect that freight line.

That is base functionalilty (on the Sales Price Table), but I beleive that this only applies to the Line/Invoice Discounts calculated before the invoice is posted. The Payment discount is calcuated on the Total Amount of the Invoice (Customer Ledger). As Steven says, it would be custom. This is fairly easy though as you would just need to change the Payment Discount Fields on the Customer Ledger when the Order is Posted.

oops I should have read the question more closely.