Paym Id to be display in cheque printout report.


This is for the Cheque Printing,Is it possible that I can call the PaymId field of LedgerJournalTrans to display it in the report print out? Where as all the fileds that are being printed in cheque are only coming from TmpChequePrintout Table and the PaymId is only available at LedgerJournalTrans table.

Could you help me to resolve this report PaymId in order to display it in print out?

Thank You,


Write a display method,

select PaymId from ledgerJournalTrans where ledgerJournalTrans.BankChequeNum == TmpChequePrintout.ChequeNum

&& ledgerJournalTrans.TransDate == TmpChequePrintout.TransDate;

and also use the bankAccount in the above query.

Hi Kranthi,

Many thanks to you. The codes you give it really works. Thank you for your help.

Ronnel :slight_smile: