Payable-Document type


In Payable, Payment Journals, we find few document types which includes


Is it possible to rename REFUND to something else like RECOVERY OF DOWN PAYMENT.

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It is relatively simply to rename the options in an option field like this. But it is unlikely this field is there for information only. There is more than likely lots of business logic hanging off the document type and the two options you mentioned “Refund” and “Recovery of down payment” do not sound to me like they are the same thing.

If all you want to do is be able to flag transactions as being a recovery of down payment, the easiest way (with no modificiations) would be to create a Transaction Type dimension and use this to flag the lines. This way you can report on the data, force it to be mandatory for certain G/L accounts and all of this with no programming and no hassle at upgrade time.

If you absolutely must make this change then you should probably add an extra option to the end of the existing list. Either way you are going to need to scan through the application (probably using the developer’s toolkit) to try and find references to the field to make sure your new option is going to be handled correctly. I would advise against this - you are just making life hard for yourself and creating more work at upgrade time.

Another approach is to change the OptionCaption. This only changes the value the user sees and not the actual data value used by the system.


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How far this will affect when we do an upgrade.

Is this change some thing serious or it is a cosemtic one.

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