Path to the Inventory Valuation Map/Report

I am using 4.0 sp3 version. And we are having problems in printing the Inventory Valuation Map.

We dont even get the preview.

Maybe there is some problem with my translation.

Could someone give me the exact path, in the Cronus database so I make some tests. There is no possibility of me having remote access to the user´s PC. And we cannot agree on the path.

PS: I havent the manual handy and I am not “getting” the help.

Hi Nelson,

Are you talking about the Inventory Valuation Report (Financial Management ->Inventory → Reports → Inventory Valuation )

This is report 1001. To find out an Object ID (without a Development license) - design the Navigation Pane and select the report/form - Right click and look at the Properties to get the Object Name. Go to the object designer and search on the name.

Thank you very much DaveT.

I just saw it about 30 min ago.

Glad to Help [:D]