Pastel Colours for Form controls

Hi, Our client has many users using the contact card (100+). They would like some more colour [Sigh…] [:)] Navision has always been limited on its use of colours etc so this type of request is normally very low priority. Has anyone got some sample “Pastel type” navision colours? The standard navision colours are a bit too “shocking”! I have found the following manually: 15127161 14084003 11661044 12563711 15265005 15001588 PS: I know you can calculate the RGB value etc, however was hoping someone else may have already done this excercise and save me some time [;)] Sys: Nav Ver 3.70, Citrix Connection (<256colour)! I have attached a simple screen shot as an example (hope the attachment works)
Attachment: Navision BackColour ( 4302bytes )

Try this…

By the way, if anyone wats to complete the “reverse” logic, then please do so and upload as version 2. Thaks. BTW I have created thisas a report, so anyone with the Report esigner can acces an modify the code [:)]

From “C/SIDE Reference Guide”


RGB Color Model The system uses the RGB color model for specifying colors. This model specifies the intensity of red, green, and blue on a scale of 0 to 255, with 0 (zero) indicating the minimum intensity. The settings of the three colors are converted to a single integer value by using this formula: RGB value:= Red + (Green256) + (Blue256*256) Examples: Red Green Blue RGB value Color 255 0 0 255 Red 0 255 0 65280 Green 0 0 255 16711680 Blue 0 255 255 16776960 Cyan 255 0 255 16711935 Magenta 255 255 0 65535 Yellow 255 255 255 16777215 White 128 128 128 8421504 Gray 0 0 0 0 Black To extract the settings of the red, green and blue elements from an RGB value, you can use this method: Convert the RGB value to a hexadecimal value. This will give you a hexadecimal number with up to six digits. From right to left, each pair of hexadecimal digits is the setting of red, green and blue, respectively, and can be converted back to decimal. (If the hexadecimal number contains less than six digits, fill out the number with zeroes on the left.) Examples: RGB Hex Red Blue Green 6579300 646464 100 100 100 16422450 FA9632 50 150 250

I wrote such a codeunit with the following functions: RGB2Color(Red : Integer;Green : Integer;Blue : Integer) : Integer Color2Blue(Color : Integer) : Integer Color2Green(Color : Integer) : Integer Color2Red(Color : Integer) : Integer Further more I have a codunit for number conversion Bin2Hex Bin2Int Bin2Oct Hex2Bin Hex2Int Hex2Oct Int2Bin Int2Hex Int2Oct Oct2Bin Oct2Hex Oct2Int Note: The Website is in german but the codeunits support DEU and ENU in the text constants. Just click on the [Download] Button below the description box.

I think you will fid my report is easier to use [:D] Download it and give it a try.

Hi, Thanks for the responses [:D]. For some reason I can’t download the FObs? I have had problems downloading from this site before and think I saw some topics discussing this. [xx(] I am interested to see any “Pastel” type colours and if anyone has had any experience with users requesting colour changes. PS: The coding or calculating of the decimal value of RGB is relatively simple (is it says in help anyway), although those hex conversions do seem interesting. good to add to the toolkit.[;)]

Nic, I have set your profile to allow uploads and downloads. Unfortunately I can only figure out how to do it one user at a time. Please try now. Ont he topic of colours, yes it is often requested, and once done, often unrequested. Colours really should be used as a last resort. Thinks like bold or red to high light something is fine, but different colours for differnt users is not all that effective, adn just causes confusion.

Thanks Dave, I agree, colours is a waist of time…moved to the bottom of my todo list. Thanks for the posts everyone [8D] Nic