Paste Error

Hi, I am using a clean NAV 4.0 to copy my account schedule lines from one account schedule to another one. I got the error message of “The autosplitkey facility can not find a key between the current and previous record”. How can I solve this problem and be able to copy lines from one form to another. Thanks in advance. Trin

It looks like the destination account schedule has at least one blank line created, therefore the paste/autosplitkey fails, make sure that you delete all lines in the destination account schedule… I just replicated your procedure and in fact on creating a new account schedule name and opening that new one, a blank line gets created inmediately. Delete that one line, and paste… Saludos Nils

To elaborate a little on this… Navision uses the autosplitkey functionality to automatically assign a value to the integer field in a primary key. If it is a new record at the end, it will generate a number that equals the last number plus 10000. If a record is inserted between two lines, it will ‘split’ the difference. So when you insert a line between lines 10000 and 20000, Navision will assign the value 15000 to the inserted line. When you insert a line between 10000 and 15000, it will give the line number 12500. And so on and so forth… This can only be repeated a limited number of times before you hit a situation where consecutive lines have consecutive numbers, so for instance you’d have lines 4 and 5. Autosplitkey will try to enter a value of 4.5, but since the field is an integer, it will raise an error. The autosplitkey only works for integer fields, and this integer field must be the last field in the primary key of the table.

Thank you all. It works. Trin