Password Validation

Hi All,

My client as asked for password validation for their database logins to enforce strong password.I want some common restrictions like

  • Combination upper and lower case characters.

  • one or more number

  • Minimum one special character.

I have seen this one in java application. How can i do this in navision.

Plz help me in doing this.

Thank U

Are u asking for Data Base Authentication ?

Why ur client does not go for Windows Authentication.

I don’t think there’s a way to circumvent the password functionality. That is part of the application itself, which you cannot change.

Actually in Native database with Database Logins you can do this.

Go to table 200000002 and add code to the trigger on password.

But think really if you want to do this, because windows logins is a better solution. Also Native database is almost dead, so you should be looking at moving to SQL anyway.