Password on Restore

Any way to password protect a Restored Navision Database? When you first restore it, a password is not required.


In earlier versions of Navision the backup was password protected, but since the actual data int he backup is not encrypted, it was a flase sense of security, since it was pretty easy to extract the data from the backup. For that reason, Navision removed the backup requirement, so that IT departments would take more care with the backups.

Basically you need to handle the backup file with care, and make sure it deos not get int the wrong hands. You can use ZIP or some other program to encrypt the backup file, but keeping the file somewhere safe is the best solution.

or … the short answer …

No sorry. [;)]

Hi Ed,

As David says Password protect the backup.

The other thing I have implemented before was the folder the overnight run was backed up too was locked down on the domain so that only I and the IT Manager could access it.

That was important as the Database was a VIP Payroll database and anyone could have found the information needed to restore it.

The IT manager and I also made sure that the Network and Support guys could not access it (Including Admin). That started to get a bit political because they thought they should access everything!

I have an old doc on that