passing variables between forms

hi all, I have a form named A, and Lookup form named B, source tables of both forms aren’t related. There is an input field on form A which should define filter for data in form B to be shown. How can I pass value from that input field into B’s table filter? Thanks forward.

Hi Alex, Why don’t you try setting the required filter on de source table of form B, and then do the lookup like this: RecordOfField.SETFILTER(…); FORM.RUNMODAL(0, RecordOfField) = ACTION::LookupOK; Good luck, Bartel W. de Leeuw

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Basically I think this answer is really out of content / off topic. Obvious you’ve no idea about Navision. FORMS are not REPORTS, but the objects used for entering data. And even if you product could that too, then I don’t think someone just wanting to pass variables between two forms would like some unknown print / Output Management system. And especially not from a company whoes marketing ethics / methods comes close to what comes close to SPAMMING. I’ve received several complaints from other members about your postings. So far I’ve done nothing about it, because in 1 out of 5 postings then your suggestion might even be valid (if anyone could say good for your product). But consider this as a warning. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster

Think of OOP: In form A define global var : … varName; … In form A define method: FormA:getValue():type varName Now, in form B: if ( formA.runModal() = Action::OK ) then begin value := formA.getValue(); end That’s all !