Passing Row record Values on Form AND Validation (::)

I want to check some validations on Form clicked button method based on the records of form Lines.

How can i pass values from form line to clicked method ?

The selected record will be available in the clicked method, you can directly use the table name(defined in the form as data source).

sir i have customised form having 2 independent Data sources…1)PurchTable…2)PurchLine.

there is ““Release Button”” on header part where purchtable exist

sir user will fill item Id in purchline form part with invencolor,size,config

if user leave these field empty and click BUTTON …then system will give an error.

Hi Pratham,

In release button what object you are calling like class or form.

if it is class then in main method you check it.

if it’s a form then check the same in init method of the form.

What is the reason for having a form with purchTable and purchLine when you have standard purchTable form?

void clicked()

if (Box::okCancel(“Release Document ?”, DialogButton::Cancel) == DialogButton::Ok)



Sir i m just giving an example

Here is my form

there is a release button

but the problem is button clicked allow to release the document even without entering the colour size config of ITEmID…

Hi Pratham,

Accourding to ur issue, what i ahve understood is invencolor,size,config fields should be filled by the user else it should not go the next level. If this is so, u can give mandatory property to be yes in table level or Form field level. Or else you can write your condition in validate method in table level or if u want this error should thrown while saving the record, then u should put ur condition in Validatewrite method from ur datasource method or table level validate write() method.