Passing records through automation ???

Hello everyone (yes it is me again with automation[:p]) I am working on new automation project, wich integrates klicktel (german telephone cd) serach functions into navison. As the ktdev32n.dll does not support automation, i builded a automation dll wich provides the needed automation function. It makes a search in the klicktel database based on follwing fields lastname postcode town After the search zero to n hits can be found, and here starts my question The hits a in a virtual record. So my thoughts are to create a Navision table, based on the virtual automation record, declare the the Navison table as temp and then put the hits from the automation into that navison table. Will that be possible ?? If not wich way would be the best to deliver the klicktzel hits to navision (filed and item based ??) I hope anyone here understands my question [:D]

Finaly my Automation Project is finished [:D] Anyone who is interested in my Automation dll (Serach in the klicktel database and delivering the hits) can contact me. But note, that you need a licenced Klicktel (German Telephone CD Database)version from klicktel, to use my Automation Dll.