Passing parameters ??

I made a function that opens a form. The user can select a record on the form. Now i want to pass this record(or a field from this record) back to the function. Does anybody know how to do this in Navision ?

Hi! my_function(var my_record:my_record_subtype):boolean use return parameter as indicator if user selected record or canclec selection. use my_record for passing record info from/to function. Regards Bostjan

Only a hint not an exact solution : Declare the form as global variable i.e.: ActForm declare the variable curr_record as record af the table you want to show on ActForm Start the form with if ActForm.runmodal <> action::cancel then begin; actform.getrecord(curr_record); { add here what to do with the record the user choos } end; This should be solve your problem