passing item tax group from sales table...


I have created field item tax group in header level in sales table and want to flow it sales line as like TAX group and TDS group.

i have written in sales line create method.i have tried with modified ,validate and create.its updating but i have to modified the header every time.

i want to update as m creating a new line sales line it should flow the value from header automatically.


Try by adding your code in initFromSalesTable() method of SalesLine table…

some method setTaxItemGroup method is there.

In that method if i comment “salesLineType.setTaxItemGroup(_taxItemGroup);” if i comment this and pass the normal value,it will work.

But this method used in lots of place.with out commenting this what code i can use to pass this value?

Have you tried by placing your code in initFromSalesTable() method???


I have added .

salesLine.TaxItemGroup = _salesTable.XXX_ItemTaxGroup;

use this

this.TaxItemGroup = salesTable.XXX_ItemTaxGroup;

No, its not working…

The system is trying to pick it up from the from Item Setups.

So you can place your code in the initFromInventTable() method in the last.

this.TaxItemGroup = SalesTable::find(this.SalesId).TaxItemGroup;

Thanks Kranthi, it works.