passing datasource record from form to menuitem class in ax 2012

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I want to pass the current record from from to its menuitem button action class. How this can be achieved. Please suggest an answer in ax 2012

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void clicked()
    ImportExcel _import=new ImportExcel();
   info('Imported Completed. Check log file for error');

Declare your class and pass the field value to ur class method as args like above and in class get the arguments

void importExcel(CostingVersionId _ver)
CostingVersionId _version = _ver;


In the Class Main method use arg.Record. Make sure u define the datasource for MenuitemButton in from level.

server static void main(Args args)
TableName tableName;

tableName = args.record();


Hi Gopi,

may be bellow code help full for you.

public static void main(Args _args)
FormRun caller;
FormStringControl fcsAllocationId;
FormDateControl fdsFrmDate, fdsToDate;
FormDataSource formDataSource;
AllocationId allocationId;
date fromDate, toDate;

AllocationUpload upload = new AllocationUpload();

caller = _args.caller();

fdsFrmDate = caller.control(caller.controlId(“Allocation_FromDate”));
fromDate = fdsFrmDate.dateValue();

fdsToDate = caller.control(caller.controlId(“Allocation_ToDate”));
toDate = fdsToDate.dateValue();

fcsAllocationId = caller.control(caller.controlId(“Allocation_AllocationId”));
allocationId = fcsAllocationId.text();

upload.loadingTimesheetData(fromDate, toDate, allocationId);

formDataSource = _args.record().dataSource();