Passing control to another form

I have a requirement as inventdimparmfixed form is to use in my normal form to display dimensions ,on clicking the close ok of inventdimparmfixed form ,it should display info message ,for that i should not modify the inventdimprmfixed form.without modifying the form how can i do it?


Usually we can write the code in the closeOk method of the form, but since you do not want to modify the form.Check wheather the form is called from a different class or form, if yes then you can write code on the caller.

In your form without adding the \Menu Items\Display\InventDimParmFixed, add a button and call the inventDimParmFixed form in the clicked method by using the formRun object, where you can check the form has been closedOK or not.

args = new Args(formstr(InventDimParmFixed));


args.record(YourCurrentrecord); // if required

formRun = classfactory.formRunClass(args);



if (formRun.closedOk())


// write your logic here


thanks for your reply ,is it possible to display only the site and warehouse in inventdimparmfixed form,for diplaying product dimensions,i used inventctrl_frm_itembarcode,but for storage dimensions,which class i should use?pls reply …im new to this topic.