Passing 2 Enums Between Forms

Hi all,

I hv a problem with passing 2 enum parameters between forms. It always just take only one enum parameter and the other one will be empty. Is there any way to pass the parameter?

for ex: in form a, i hv 2 enum, transStatus(active,done), transType(MI,CR,CS).

I need to pass these 2 enums to form b.

whenever i pass it, only transStatus or transType is passed. the other one will be empty.

Any suggestions?

And how are you passing them? You can’t use parmEnum(), because that can hold just a single value. But you can, for instance, pass an object (parmObject()) holding those parameters.

yes. i use parmEnum…

is there any way i could pass 2 enums?

how should i write the code?

You have many options. The most obvious is to create a simple class to hold the parameters, i.e. with two instance variables and corresponding parm*() methods. Then pass the object through parmObject(), in the same way as you passed a single enum through parmEnum(). In the target form, call parm*() methods on the object to get parameter values.