Pass value into grid filter

I have a situation where I’m calling a form from another form’s grid. The form I’m calling is a duel pane form that has multiple values to the left and then displays detail value in the right pane based on the the left pane value selected.

Due to the table relationship I cannot go directly to the record I want (using args) because it’s a strange parent relationship that opens all the related child records when I try. My idea is to instead pass the value I want into the Grid Filter row so it will use that value to filter and only bring up the one child record I wish to display. Is this possible? I used to work in JDE and it was an option there.

You have to use Args - either the record (it may come from any data source), a related record, a parameter set by the calling form, getting a reference of the calling form and invoke some methods or so.

Don’t concentrate on grids - what you need to filter is the data source (either by a dynamic link or by a QueryBuildRange/QueryFilter).