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Is there a way to obtain alerts when new items are posted on the NAV knowledge base.i.e. without having to search through.


There was the ability to receive emails to every document updated, I subscribed but I am not sure it ever really worked, and when it did I just got rubbish I was not interested in and when I searched the knowledgbase again new stuff had been posted I had not been told about. In summary I would say no [:(]


every month there is a list of all Articles added last month:

You can find a list here:

Hi Josef

Probably the single most useful piece of information I have been given on Partnersource - added to my favourites! Thank you very much.

I have to admit that one of the most useful web pages in partnersource is hot topics. For the last year I have being using this page to track latest bug fixes and updates to Navision

Thanks a lot Josef ,This is exactly what I was looking for.