Particular user cannot view all PO journals

There is a particular user (AX 4.0) who keeps encountering weird errors when trying to Show > Copy a PO journal entry. Some POs the error will be:

Section overlapped pageFooter section (maybe because the section is too high)

Other times, the error will write:

A section in the report is higher than the actual page size allows.

The strangest thing is that these errors ONLY occur for one particular user. I’ve tried:

  • deleting the local .auc file so AX will recreate upon restart.
  • removing the account from AX itself, and recreating it.
  • having the user log in on various machines with the same issue.
  • logging in as the user from my personal machine, which works fine under my account.

Is there a best practice for completely nuking an AX profile? Why would one user be so finicky about showing PO journals when they are in the same security groups as other users who don’t have the issue?

Thanks a lot!