Partially undo a shipment line


has somebody any idea on how to undo a shipment line partially?

For instance 2 pieces were shipped, but I only want to undo 1, so as a result still 1 is shipped. The purpose is to create a kind of returning of goods system without to have to use the returning sales orders.

Thanks a lot

I would recommend you purchase the returns orders just so you can handle the flow through properly. However if you do not wish to purchase the standrd option you will not be able to use the unship to handle part receipts, the unship does not work in this way, and you also cannot control the posting date. However you could add a new line to the sales order and ship -1, however you have to look into what happens with you costing, and you need to have other controls in place so the order does not disappear when fully invoiced etc.

You can only undo complete lines - not by pieces.

You have to undo it all and then make new (and correct) shipments.

Sad but true…

The -1 is a solution. We follow that as we have lot of these transactions and difficult to undo the whole shipment and then do it all over again. But there is a problem which we have still not got over with this -ve transaction. That is WIP. What happens is, the system does not properly do entries for the WIP for the -ve items. So, it still remains in WIP and thus there will be a mismatch between WIP report and WIP in G/L. The same problem of WIP also comes when the Bill to is changed from one customer to another later at the time of invoice. We are still searching for a solution for these.