Partial Receipt.

Hi everyone, Now we used navision 3.70 for Thai Localize.For our case is the partialy receipt.First we have created three sale invoices,and second our customer has payment for three invoice,which full payment for the first and third invoices and so they partial payment for the second invoice.We want to create a cash receipt entry for this case. We want to know.How to enter a cash receipt entry for this case. Can anyone help us. Thanks for any help. Thirawat Onrahoong.

Hi Thirawat In 4.0 you have partial payments, which I know is no use whatsoever to you here, just thought you might want to know! Anyway this is an example - three invoices for 300 baht (Is that correct?), 500 baht and 400 baht. The customer pays 1000 baht, only paying 300 baht of the 2nd invoice. The application method is not recommended in this scenario as navision assumes full payment of the first invoice marked for allocation, therefore we need to process them individually on the cash receipt journal. On the cash receipt journal enter four lines. The first three lines reflect the payment from the customer, and are applied individually to the appropriate invoices. So the first three lines will have values of 300, 300 and 400. The fourth line is the balancing line to the bank to get one transaction in the bank. Pretty sure this works [:D]