Partial production order problem

We are producing cables and connectors and we have problems with production orders. The thing is that delivery dates, quantities and revisjons ofthen change. So my question is the following:

How do we FINISH 2 cables out of a RELEASED production order of 10 cables? Today we have to return the items to stock and start from scratch with only 2 cables. The problem is that they are released and hence all the components of each kables is picked out and reserved in NAV.

There has to be an easier solution for this that we don’t know of.

Best regards

Hi Rafal,

not sure if I understood you correctly…but can’t you just post an output of 2 cables? Using Production Journal? (In Standard-NAV you can call this form via the Prod. Order).



We tested this a bit and seems like that may be solution to our problem!

Thanks a lot Jan.

Do you know if it is possible to release 5 cables of a production order on 10? That could be very useful in our case if we have parts for some of the cables and no the whole order.

Best Regards

Hi Rapho,

sure, that is possible.



Change the Quantity in Production Order and refresh it. it will take 5 pcs and all the component lines will refresh again.

How can I do it if the prod. order is firm planned? Do I have to remove the reservation for the components first, then change the quantity and reserve it again?