Partial Product Receipt for Purchase Order

Hello All,

I have created a purchase order with two purchase lines.

  1. Item 1 with quantity 10

  2. Item 2 with quantity 20

I have confirmed the purchase order and now I am going to create the product receipt of the same.

In posting of product receipt I can specify the quantity of purchase lines. for example, Item 1 with 5 Qty and Item 2 with 7 Qty.

Even If I want to create a product receipt of only one purchase line i.e. first line of purchase order then also i can do by the posting form of product receipt.

But, when I want to create a product receipt and post then it takes quantity as SpecQty enum parameter value.

So, whatever the value I will mention for the SpecQty, it will generate the product receipt for the same.

But if i want to create a product receipt for only one single line instead of whole purchase order, that i don’t know how to achieve through the code.

Please help me regarding the partial product receipt for the purchase order.

Thanks in advance.

Vijay Solanki.