Partial Payment Problem.

Hi All, I’m trying to do partial payment (from Apply entries → enter the Apply to Amount), but while doing so I came across a strange problem. I’m using Navision 4.0. W1 Version. General Ledger Setup ,Additional Reporting Currency=0.01. I created a Payment entry and apply partially in following way… 1. Enter Payment entry in Journal 1. Apply Vendor Entries. 2. Select Desired Invoice having amount say,-1000. Put AMOUNT TO APPLY say,-100. 3. When I post this entry ideally in Vednor Ledger Entries, Payment entry should have remaining amount 0 and invoice should be -900. But System is overapplying I mean ,my invoice is getting completely applied i.e. remaining amount for Invoice is 0 and that for Payment entry is -900. Surprisingly when same partial application if you do the way we do in 3.7, i.e. press F9 in apply entries screen and change the amount on payment journal from 1000 to 100. It works well. Now if I change the General Ledger Setup,Additional Reporting Currency=0.00. Partial application works perfect in either way,I mean by using AMOUNT TO APPLY field as well. Has anybody came across this problem. Thanks in advance.


Hi All, Now if I change the General Ledger Setup,Additional Reporting Currency=0.00.
Originally posted by rajsh - 2005 Nov 24 : 16:51:30

This looks very similar to an issue which was reported in the Italian forum a few days ago. Somebody noticed this code in codeunit 12, function FindAmtForAppln which should be responsible of the weird behaviour: IF ((OldCVLedgEntryBuf2."Remaining Amount" - OldCVLedgEntryBuf2."Amount to Apply") < ApplnRoundingPrecision) AND (ApplnRoundingPrecision <> 0) THEN AppliedAmount := AppliedAmount - (OldCVLedgEntryBuf2."Remaining Amount" - OldCVLedgEntryBuf2."Amount to Apply"); It should have been corrected in version 4.01 Anna

Hi Anna, Precisely thats the codewhich is responsible for it.

Yes, that codeunit already fixed in SP1