Partial Packing Slip

Hi All

I have PO with 100 qty & now I am creating packing slip. what setup should I need when I want to create packing slip for 20 qty items, how can i enter packing slip with 20 qty only.

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Set the receive now to 20 on the quantity tab, update the purchase order based upon the parameter receive now.

I did that. but it still taking Qty as 100, even when you see packing slip through 'Inquiries" it shows me qty as 100. Is there any way out?

Because on the delivery note there is a quantity parameter and you set this to “All” not “Receive Now” so you told it to receive all of them in.


Alternative solution is that you can change the quantity of update field in the Lines tab of Posting form.It will post the packing slip according to the quantity.You can cross check on the PO inquiry form.


Normally, two steps:

  1. PO lower pane, find the PO line, {Quantity} tab, input 20 in “Received now” field and save it

  2. Go to post packing slip, {Parameter} tab, select “Received now” in the “Quantity” field ( Then you can check the packing slip qty by {LInes} tab in lower pane, Update field. )