Partial packing slip in AX 2009??


I need to do partial packing slip by query from open order sales order.

My task requirement:

I want to update partial packing slip depends on the item and qunatity in which the process is completed in another application(database). Is their way??

pls give some suggestion.

Thanks in advance


I need to do partial packing slip agianst sales order by automatic(query) in back end for each item. is it recommended in AX?

Can you please elaborate this?

Thanks kranthi for your reply.

Basically my company is Laboratory testing company.

My Task requirement :

Create sales quotation and confirmation in AX then then sales information(Item details) integrate with laboratory application. then laboratory process continue in that appplication. Once the process completed, information again should integrate in AX with same sales order with partial packing slip by automatically using query.

Which is the easiest and security way to proceed partial packing slip by integration. Laboratory application back end also SQL Server.

Give some suggestion