Part of a report in Email

Hi all, I was wondering if the following is possible in any way: I created a report that checks if a table has all it’s fields filled with all the necessary info. I used an ocx to automatically send email to certain people if the table is not complete. Now the hard part : Is it possible to send a part of the report in this email either as body or as attachment? Thanks for your time, With kind regards, Robin van den Boom

The way I’ve been playing with the email recently is using the MAPIHandler.AddBodyText where MAPIHandler is of course the Automation object for “‘Navision Attain ApplicationHandler’.MAPIHandler” (which I’m sure you knew already). Anyways, if you’re processing in the middle of the report, there shouldn’t be any reason why you couldn’t create an email and call all the necessary commands to populate it, including the .AddBodyText method to put the data you want in the body of the message. Regards! Kristopher Webb Kelar Corporation, Canada

Robin, It is possible to do both the body and an attachment. Have a look at codeunit 397 (Mail). This should handle all you need to do. If your using Attain, then an attachment would be nice because you can send the URL as the attachment, and have the user log straight into Navision, the form/report required and also the filters etc that you have used.